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Alaska King Crab

Alaska King Crab

The Alaska king crab is one of the most in-demand crustacean delicacies to behold. From dipping the crab legs into warm melted butter, take it into your mouth and that very fulfilling crunchy feeling you get when consuming it, the Alaska king crab is just a seafood delicacy in a class of its own.

Being the most sought after crab species in the world isn't a tag that comes cheap and the Alaska king crab gives a clear definition of what it is to hold such a mantle.

As the name suggests, this crab specie can be found at Alaska which is also home to some amazing seafood such as Alaska salmon and halibut. As opposed to these, the Alaska crab is more of a crunchy delight better experienced in person.

So why is the Alaska king crab consider as the most sought after crab species in the world?

For one, this crab can only be found in Alaska, which most would consider being at the end of the world. This ultimately translates to having to fish under freezing temperatures before you can get your hands on these pieces.

Another reason is that they are said to be the largest crab species in the world. The Alaska king crab on the average weighs in at about 6 to 10 pounds with some growing as big as 20 pounds with a leg span of 6 feet.

The Alaska king crab also isn't easily caught as fish farming in the Alaskan waters is prohibited. This results in seafood farmers having to reach as far as the 34, 000-mile Alaska coastline in order to be able to catch Alaska king crabs.

All of the above factors into why the Alaska king crab is considered as the world's most in-demand crabs. Reasons don't end there though as Interpersonal justifications and crave also play a huge role in why the crab stands soo high with seafood lovers.

What's so special about the Alaska king crab?

There is just soo much that can be said, but it is best to experience in person to understand the reason for the rave and love for the Alaska king crab.

When it comes to why its actually special, individuals base their suggestions off of the fact that it is just an amazing spectacle to open up as you see a large piece of crab meat. Some also base theirs on its taste, while others on the fact that it takes quite the effort to get catch them.

All of these factors come together to justify the reason as to why the Alaska king crab is special.

You not only get to eat something that is classy due to how difficult it is to consume, but also enjoy amazing crab meat that is more than twice what you get from the normal average crab.

How can you get your hands on an Alaska king crab?

Thanks to the internet, you simply look out for seafood trader such as tanner's Alaskan seafood that sells and simply place an order and that should be about it.

You should be able to order everything from crab legs, broken pieces, claws, or the complete crabs depending on your needs.

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