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Afro Caribbean Food Shop Online

Afro Caribbean Food Shop Online

Afro-Caribbean foods mainly have an African origin, with the fusion of many other cultures to create a wild mix of food genetics. We bring together different ingredients to help you get the most authentic Afro-Caribbean foods from the comfort of your home. Can you purchase natural foods from the Caribbean in London? Here is a simple list of what you can get from our shop for your exotic culinary journey.

What to know before you buy Caribbean food from our food shop


Caribbean foods are not complete without a variety of meats like beef and chicken. Seafood is a savory choice which adds a soft texture and slightly sweet taste to the overall dish. The unique flavors of all types of seafood can make unique Caribbean recipes, ranging from the spiciest to a more normal one depending on the combination of spices and seasonings.

Examples of common Afro Caribbean meats and seafood include curry goat, patties, and flying fish. The patties are pastries that wap around the cheek or fish and tend to be filling and flavorful because they are rich with starch and protein. Curry goat has a succulent texture and delicacy when you prepare them with curry powder chili, thyme and turmeric, and hot spices. You can enjoy curry goat with rice, potatoes, peas, and just about anything else with the same consistency.

Jerk chicken is a spicy chicken dish with solid spices like nutmeg, pimentos, and bonnet peppers. You can prepare this dish in so many different ways, including roasting and barbecues. Our Afro Caribbean food shop online can guarantee you will develop a desire for the taste when you combine all the different spices and ingredients available in our shop.


Plantains are a significant ingredient in the Afro Caribbean dish. They look like a giant banana and have a starchy and soft texture, perfect for many Caribbean foods and remarkably delicious with chicken and rice. However, unlike the usual bananas, the plantains are only edible after cooking.


Rice is a popular dish in many parts of the world, including Africa and the Western world. Our online Caribbean food store has several different rice strains from top authentic brands like Basmati. In addition, rice matches beautifully with many vegetarian or meaty dishes, including seafood or yams.


Yam is a starchy vegetable that is both filling and nutritious, making it a perfect staple in Afro Caribbean cuisine. We have versatile yam portions that you can prepare and serve for many different occasions, with s plethora of dishes, spices, and seasonings.


Breadfruit is a wonder fruit that is high in protein, that you can consume raw or cooked. We stock the freshest breadfruits at friendly prices, which you can serve as regular sliced side dishes. 

Chefs and food lovers can elevate their cooking skills with many different seasonings and spices from our shop. Gemini Foods has complex and straightforward food ingredients for you to make snacks or rich flavorful meals. Check out our list of vegetables, foods, and meats that will offer fantastic food fusions of African and Caribbean descent before you buy Caribbean food online.



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