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Bulk foods Vancouver

Bulk foods Vancouver
Who has the best selection of bulk foods in Vancouver? Famous Foods has over 1,000 different natural, specialty, organic and wholesome bulk foods in their grocery store.
In Famous Foods’ bulk section you’ll find:
- Baking Ingredients: Everything from egg powder to graham cracker crumbs and butterscotch chips
- Beans: 52 different kinds of dried beans, including many organic options
- Candied Fruit (Seasonal): Fruit cake candied fruit, maraschino cherries, cake mixes and a lot more besides
- Cereal: 12 Grain cereal, buckwheat and barley flakes, corn meal, corn grits, Muesli, rolled oats and other cereals
- Cheese: Winnipeg style cream cheese, grated Parmesan and cheddar
- Chocolate: A wide variety of chocolates, from pure dark to baker's semi-sweet, milk chocolate, carob chips, organic chocolate chips, Dutch dark powder and much more
- Coconut: Both sweetened and unsweetened
- Dried Fruits: An incredibly delicious variety of dried fruits including apple rings, apricots, cantaloupe, cherries, sweet cranberries, organic banana chips, dates and more
- Dried Vegetables: Kelp granules, beet powder, carrot flakes, sundried tomatoes, potato flakes, ground kelp and more
- Herbs: 126 different kinds of dried herbs, including bayberry bark powder, blessed thistle, comfrey leaves and everything else you're looking for!
- Flours: Buckwheat, cake and pastry flour, chick pea flour, 12 grain bread mix and 50 additional types of flour for your pantry
- Grains and Seeds: 38 different types of grains and seeds including pearled barley, millet grain, organic oats, amaranth, Kamut, to name only a few
- Soup mixes, pastas, snacks, soy products, spices, nut butters and everything else you’re looking for to stock up your shelves at home.
Famous Foods is your natural bulk foods grocery in Vancouver. No other grocery in the area carries the variety and value that Famous Foods provides. Customers who love to cook, bake, pickle and can have come to rely on Famous Foods for their bulk foods. They carry specialty items that are difficult to find in any other local store.
If you love a cup of hot tea in the morning or on a cold evening, you’re going to appreciate Famous Foods for their bulk tea assortment. They also carry chicory for those who like a caffeine-free coffee substitute. Taste the difference in flavor when you brew fresh bulk tea. You’ll never go back to store-bought tea bags again!
If you’re trying to cut down on sugar in your diet, you’ll love the variety of natural and organic sweeteners in Famous Foods’ bulk foods section. Their Vancouver location carries 18 alternative sweeteners, including brown sugar, date sugar, turbinado sugar, Vanilla sugar, xylitol, erythritol, fructose, golden yellow sugar and many more besides.
Famous Foods wants to be your natural, organic and specialty bulk foods grocery in Vancouver. You’ll experience a delightful shopping experience when you visit Famous Foods, and as always, your customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Famous Foods is located at 1595 Kingsway, in Vancouver. Contact the store directly by calling 604-872-3019. You’re going to love Famous Foods. They’ll go out of their way to make sure you do.
Bulk foods Vancouver

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